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Lastly, if you listen to shortwave radio (as I do), you should definitely grab a copy of Fine Ware's free Radio Listener's Database. Dear Word Detective: My lovely wife makes a phenomenal blueberry coffee cake, using a recipe handed down by her mother. We love pastry so much that when we hear that part in "America the Beautiful" about "amber waves of grain" we think of coffee cake. Box 1, Millersport, Ohio, 43046, by the way, and I check the box every day so correspondence doesn't go stale. I have no doubt that your wife's coffee cake is phenomenal, and it does indeed seem odd to saddle such a heavenly confection with the ungainly name "buckle," which conjures up images of the heavy metal utilitarian gizmos found on belts and old-fashioned galoshes.They call it "Blueberry Buckle." Where does the word "buckle" fit in here? We love pastry so much that we have officially classified strudel as a vegetable. The definition of "buckle" as a noun offered by the Oxford English Dictionary is even less appetizing: "A rim of metal, with a hinged tongue carrying one or more spikes, for securing a belt, strap, or ribbon, which passes through the rim and is pierced by the spike or spikes." The root of "buckle" is the Latin "buccula," meaning "cheek strap of a helmet" ("bucca" being Latin for "cheek"), and when we urge folks to "buckle down" today we are metaphorically urging them to put on their armor and get to work.

Oddly enough, the use of "buckle" as a name of a type of pastry is quite recent, dating only to the 1950s. You are indeed correct that "flying by the seat of one's pants" is not usually considered a restful pastime.Or, if everyone you know already has a copy of the book, you can buy two subscriptions to TWD-by-E-Mail for .The only catch is that book orders must be received by December 10 if you need the books delivered by the 25th.Play one of our most played games on the home page or dive into your favorite category in the menu. And enjoy your time on Games Freak - the ultimate site for free online boys games!In the meantime we will do our best to deliver the best possible gaming experience by further improving our website. "Flying by the seat of one's pants" in such a situation would mean that the pilot's experience and "feel" for the aircraft (including the actual vibrations, etc. The only reference I found that even remotely seemed to fit was in The Dictionary of Underworld Lingo, compiled in 1950 by two prisoners and a prison chaplain, all with extensive experience in the federal and state prison system.

sensed in his seat) would have to substitute for instrument data to guide the aircraft safely. As a matter of fact, that's an infuriating question. To criminals at that time, it seems, "crabs" was slang for "nothing; something worthless." To say that one had only "crabs and ice water" might thus be another way of saying "plenty of nothing." Searching on Google for "crabs and ice water" produced only two occurrences of the term.

All of which reminds me that I have another book coming out in January called Making Whoopee: Words of Love for Lovers of Words.

The cover graphic on the page at that link is incorrect -- the finished product will look like this. A large web hosting company called 1and1is offering free professional (i.e., no ads or pop-ups) web hosting for three years (500 MB, 5 Gig/month transfer) with no obligation or credit card required.

On a genealogy web site, an interviewer asks an elderly relative how her father died, and she replies, "They always told me that he had hard crabs and ice water. If anyone has heard this phrase and has any inkling (even a tiny inkling would do) of where the heck it came from, please drop me a line.

He probably had a heart condition." I would take this to mean that he had a very hard life (unless he literally had crabs and ice water for dinner and that did him in). Dear Word Detective: From whence is the word drum derived, as used in London English slang for a flat (an apartment) or house, often heard as Come round to my drum or Lets go over to your drum? You know darn well that's actually three questions, since I can't get away with explaining "drum" and "kettle" without delving into "flat" for our non-Brit readers.

So why, if you're a mouse and you'd prefer to continue being a mouse, would you pick the food bowl of two very bored cats as your primary dining venue?

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